Warranty and product return

a) Return the products within 7 days

Kalipsa Company offers the possibility to return the product if the product has one of the following characteristics after delivery: stains, peeling materials, faulty construction, the obvious difference in color, or other significant differences between the description on the site and the actual situation. The burden of proof in the case of the return is on the buyer. In case of problems please contact our support center as soon as possible. We will try to provide the best possible solution for your problem. Seven days deadline shall run from the date of receipt of the shipment. Choosing the wrong size, model, type, style, or other characteristics, as a matter of subjective judgment or mistakes, does not fall into returning policy terms. Kalipsa Company reserves the right to reject the application for the return or replacement in case of suspicious circumstances that are adjudicated by Kalipsa Company itself.

b) Inadequate supplies

If it happens that the ordered products are sold in the processing stage and if there is not enough products in our inventory, our team will contact the customer and offer him a special deal. Customers have the right to ask for a refund for the value of the product cost and delivery in case of not receiving any e-mail notification about the situation.

c) Difference in size

To prove the mistakes on products it is necessary to take three clear photos from different angles and under good light conditions, so that the product defects you reported are clearly visible. Kalipsa Company may also require the use of ruler or other measuring instruments on the photographs for finding non-compliances for proving mistakes easier. This reduces the possibility of disputes. After sending photos, the service team will provide an answer as soon as possible which usually requires 3-5 business days. According to the standard criteria clothing should deviate at least 2 cm of the described items for the individual, and at least 3 cm for individual and undetectable products. After the approval of the service team, you must send the product to the address below and the product will be replaced free of charge. Postage and other fees for the return and the responsibility that the shipment actually arrives at the correct address (to our company), shall be borne exclusively by the client. Customers must provide all information necessary to monitor this situation. The customer can return the product only when service team confirms the error and replacement. If the customer returns the product too early without authorization of the service team, responsibility for postage and any other costs shall be borne exclusively by the purchaser.

d) Exemptions from the return and exchange

Certain products are excluded from the refund or replacement for certain hygiene and other reasons. This includes all types of lingerie, swimwear, erotic linen, lingerie and erotic accessories, makeup and other accessories from the makeup category makeup.