Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the web page kalipsa.com. We offer our services in accordance with the notifications, general conditions for the use of the website specified in this Agreement, which are binding for you (hereinafter "the Agreement or Contract"). If you use any of the services kalipsa.com, you oblige to accept the rules, guidelines, policies, general requirements and conditions for using this website, relating to the services, as stated in this agreement. Kalipsa Company as the owner of this website kalipsa.com, reserves the right to change this page and this agreement or contract at any time without notice. It is considered that the user agrees to these amendments to the General Conditions and other requirements and instructions, and other services in the context of this website, if after these changes he continues to use the site and this website. This agreement is fully released and available on this website.

Accessing, browsing, or any other form of use of the website kalipsa.com, means that you agree to all the terms and conditions in this agreement (which covers general business conditions as well as specific requirements for use of the site), that is why we encourage you to carefully read this agreement before continuing.

Without a license one cannot reproduce, distribute, sell, rent, transmit, create, execute works, translate, modify or otherwise use this website or any part of it, except with the written permission of Kalipsa. Commercial use of any information posted on this website or any use of the site for the benefit of another company unless Kalipsa company issues written permission is forbidden.

It is forbidden to upload, distribute or otherwise publish content, information and other materials from this website without a permission of Kalipsa, if it (A) violates the copyright, patent, trademark or brand name, trademark or service name, trade secrets or other proprietary rights of any person; (B) is abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or could give rise to civil or criminal liability under US or international law; (C) if it contains all kinds of bugs, viruses, worms, traps, Trojan viruses or other types of malicious computer codes and functions.

The user or guest of this website is solely responsible for the access and use of the services of this site, even if any other person accesses the website via his password and user name or via his Internet connection or we Protocol (IP number), without his permission or authorization. The user or the guest is, in compliance with these rules, solely responsible for all communication, transfers and obligations (including financial obligations without limitation) arising from such use of the website. The user or guest of the site is solely responsible for the protection of their passwords and identification that was given to use. The user or the guest is obligated to inform Kalipsa Company if there is any unauthorized use of his password, user name or other identification or any other breach or threat due to violation of rules and security of this website.


Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, all sent or on the site published comments, opinions, questions, ideas, knowledge, techniques, suggestions, "know-how" and other views expressed by the user or the guest (hereinafter referred to as "writing" ), free of charge become the property of Kalipsa. By using the website you irrevocably agree to a free transfer and use of all copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Kalipsa Company, who receives irrevocable right to use perpetually and irrevocable and for free the writing as well as to copy, distribute, display, publish, sell, lease, transfer, translate, process or change it in any way. By using the website you agree that all your writings become the property of Kalipsa and thereby waive their right to financial return, the right to a complaint or request for withdrawal of the published writings and the right to start legal, judicial or any other compensation proceedings in connection with this chapter.

The user or guest of the site ensures that his views, in whole or in part, writes in full awareness and without infringing computer IP address, the rights of third parties or companies. Kalipsa Company does not assume any type of responsibility for any misuse of copyright or other rights of third parties by the user or customer using the company's Web site Kalipsa.
In addition to the rights and obligations pertaining each writing, the user or guest of Kalipsa site, with the guarantee that the information is true, gives the company Kalipsa full right to the use and disclosure of personal names and content of the writing of the individual user, by the independent decision of Kalipsa Company. By writing on the website Kalipsa, user or guest accepts sole responsibility for any misuse of others' personal data. It is forbidden to use a false e-mail address, pretend to be any other person or cheat company Kalipsa or a third party by your writings in any other way. If the user or guest of any content writing (including the content of the messages sent in the context of the use of services) writes himself, the content may not be in contravention of applicable regulations, may not be abusive, harassing, threatening, vulgar, marketing or publicity form or otherwise objectionable and immoral (eg, expression of hatred, racism, pedophilia, Nazism, etc.). Comments and opinions do not reflect Kalipsa company policy.


All texts, graphics, photographs or other images, icons, audio and video clips, logos, slogans, brands, trade names or word software and other content on the Kalipsa website (hereinafter "Content"), belongs exclusively to the Kalipsa company. You cannot use, reproduce, copy, modify, transmit, display, publish, sell, license, distribute, or commercially exploit any of the content or otherwise dispose content, in a manner that is contrary to the rules of the society of Kalipsa, except with the written permission of Kalipsa Company. Using the data, robots, data mining or similar data gathering and removal of these from the Kalipsa site as well as using Kalipsa brands is strictly prohibited. Content can be viewed and used exclusively for the private purposes, for shopping and ordering products from the site. Using the content for other purposes is prohibited. The right to collect, sort and assemble all content on this site (the "Compilation") belongs exclusively to Kalipsa company. It is forbidden to use and collect the content in any manner that disparages, minimizes, insults or discredits the company, or using it in any other way that may cause confusion or violation of any applicable laws and regulations. All the "software" and other computer equipment on this page is exclusively the property of Kalipsa.

All contents are protected by state, national and international laws on copyright and other rights. All rights not expressly granted are reserved exclusively for the Kalipsa Company. The Company takes rigorous measures relating to the recognition and respect of all other copyrights and trademarks and takes rigorous measures in prosecuting perpetrators on this legal field.


Kalipsa Company may, without notice, immediately terminate the agreement (Agreement) or cancel all or part of its rights and obligations under this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement, the access to the Kalipsa site is immediately canceled. The Company can cancel identification password, user name and identification of the account, which is issued to the user or client and refuse the right to use the website completely or in part. Termination of this Agreement shall not affect the rights and obligations (including the payment obligations without limitation) of the parties arising on or before the date of derogation or termination.


Unless otherwise stated in the General Conditions, which govern the sale of each product and transactions carried out through the website, Kalipsa Company does not give any implicit or explicit guarantee that all content on the website is without deviations or errors. This website may contain irregularities, material mistakes or typographical errors in the description of the products, materials and other information about the products, but the Company does not guarantee that the content will be without errors. Kalipsa Company assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that could be a result of the use of this website. By using Kalipsa website, you give your consent that you have read these rules and waive all claims and fees to the Company to the fullest extent permitted by law, regardless of the cause ("Causu").

On the website and / or within its particular category there is content unsuitable for underage users (eg. Erotic content ...). All these contents are followed with appropriate warning for users and reminder for guests to its unsuitability for minors. Kalpisa Company thus does not take any responsibility if such content is reviewed or accessed by underage customers or guests, without the control of their caretakers.

Keep in mind that there may be certain tasks and services that the Company will not be able to accept and meet. Kalipsa therefore reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend the execution of some services for any reason. Certain events can cause problems in the delivery, ensuring adequate quantity of products, accurate information about prices and products or problems related to payments, which may require additional information and performance of additional checks before accepting an order. Both sides agree that the transportation and delivery after the order are the sole responsibility of the third party logistics, or the company that provides postal services. At this stage of the purchase contract, ownership of the product belongs to the customer. The buyer agrees to assume all obligations and risks during transport and delivery, and provision of other postal services.


If in case of a dispute between the parties in the procedure does not come to an amicable solution within 30 days, it means that the parties, in accordance with these terms, agree that in order to resolve these disputes South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (the "SCIA") for arbitration is authorized for arbitration which will be carried out in accordance with the rules of the arbitration Commission in operation at the time of the dispute. The parties agree that the Commission's decision is final and binding for both sides.


These conditions shall be governed by and exclusively in accordance with Chinese law and other Chinese regulations, regardless of any possible conflicts and collisions of laws.


Kalipsa company may send products from different stores, so that the time of delivery may vary for the same product. When having orders of more than one item, Kalipsa Company reserves the right to divide one order in several packages according to our criteria and decision. Complied with these conditions, this cannot be the reason for the execution of guarantees or requirements for the return of a product.