About us

KALIPSA Limited is a company which with its long experience wants to set new milestones in online sales at home and in Europe. We are a company that deals with wholesale and retail, because we want to satisfy the needs of individual customers as well as large customers and companies. We decided to introduce online company which will enable the lowest prices on the domestic and world market. Our advantage is several years of successful business in various fields during which we were able to earn the trust of the greatest suppliers in the East and the West. That makes possible for us to supply the market with the lowest prices for the legal entities and individuals, first time in the history of our country. Low prices were enabled by purchasing the products from the factory, without many middlemen who raise the final price of the product.

Our vision and our view are directed towards tomorrow and the future, and thus, a satisfied customer is our basic goal. We want to build successful partnerships with various companies from all over the world and that is why we attempt to make KALIPSA Limited a synonym for reliability and quality of business by standing behind our words and promises. Our offer contains a great assortment of tens of thousands of products such as women's and men's clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, makeup, accessories for mobile phones, erotic equipment ... and many other products that will vary and added additionally on a daily basis. The scope of our offer will satisfy both individual as well as the most demanding customers, because we enabled purchase in large quantities. KALIPSA Limited is not a company that follows trends, but the company that creates trends, which is one among many reasons to get to know us and to choose us for your reliable business partner with whom you will successfully build your business and you story. We are already looking forward to it!

Greetings from Callipsa team.